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The Cause


Myths and Misconceptions of Career Decision-Making

The basic reason for Job/Career Mismatch of all forms is that a person may know something about his/her interests and skills but have very little understanding about innate talent and its profound impact on performance and fulfillment. Thus, being unaware of what really drives them, they succumb to the perils/myths of uninformed career decision-making:

    Myth #1  We are clay to be molded.

“I can do anything I set my mind to if I work hard enough.”

Individuals and employers tend to embrace the terribly flawed assumption that people are essentially malleable clay and can be shaped into anything they (or others) want them to be. Employees tend to trust that their good works will result in their talent being discovered and developed. They do not “count the costs” of sustaining competitive performance in a job/career that does not match their talents.  “Pushing a rock uphill” for a lifetime is not a wise strategy.

    Myth #2:  You can’t go wrong with a “trendy” job/career!     

Many are swayed by the “hot” careers of their time — or focus on salary or promotional opportunities.  Others mistakenly believe they can emulate parents or other role models in their careers.  Some see only the more glamorous aspects of a profession — and fail to explore the daily work activities.

    Myth #3:  “Multiple Choice” Personality, Aptitude and Interest Assessments (Myers Briggs, Johnson-O’Connor, Strong Campbell) will tell me “what  I should be when I grow up.”

Many are led astray by easy-to-administer, popularized assessment inventories that do not generate evidence or predictive data about the kind of work that will engage their heart and mind, or what has been rightly called, their passion and purpose.  All of these assessments are easily biased because the response is biased by the options presented.  By contrast, SIMA® requires you provide explicit details of your achievements which are chosen by you without any “prompts.”

      Myth #4:  I should grow where I am planted.

It is often difficult to trade a situation that seems to be more stable and profitable for the unknown of a new endeavor.  Some people feel obligated or compelled to make the best of where they are at — and may hesitate to “try their wings” in a “better fit” pursuit.

Most people think they know what they are good at.  They are usually wrong.  More often, people know what they are NOT good at — and even then more people are wrong than right!
                                                 ...Peter Drucker



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