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         I.       PASSION AND PURPOSE – how to identify and leverage the                            powerful patterns that shape your work/life
                            by Marlys Hanson, M.S. with Merle Hanson, Ph. D.


"Revealing Your Wiring for Passion and Purpose" with Marlys Hanson

How to Identify and Leverage the Powerful Patterns that Shape your Work/Life

PASSION AND PURPOSE shows you how to use the System of Identifying Motivated Abilities, (SIMA)®, a behavior-based assessment,  to identify the unique but consistent pattern of your natural strengths. The outcome of this SIMA® Assessment is a description of your vocationally significant motivations--what you enjoy doing and feel you do well. It describes:

    bulletthe "motivated" abilities that recur in your work/life achievements
    bulletthe subject matter or content with which you are motivated to work
    bulletthe circumstances that trigger and sustain your efforts
    bulletthe way in which you prefer to relate to others when you are working
    bulletthe overall outcome or payoff that you seek to achieve from your efforts.

This set of integrated information, which is your Motivational Pattern, should be the foundation of every decision you make about your job, your career and even your life.  PASSION AND PURPOSE also explains the job/career implications of different motivations and provides “how to” for assessing your own job/career “fit.”  Real-life case studies demonstrate how “evidence” from your work/life achievements provides guidance for making more informed career decisions and strategies. You will be able to answer questions like “Am I an entrepreneur?” or “Am I motivated to manage others?” or “Is this major field of study right for me?” After you have identified your Motivational Pattern, you may elect to have your pattern compared to profiles of more than 400 professions and occupations to determine the "best fit" for you.



Read this book and you will have a clear set of choices that will get you what you want.
-- Mat Juechter, ASTD Board of Governors, former CEO at Wilson Learning, ARC International

This assessment process provides insights on which senior executives can make informed decisions. -- Ron Galbraith, CEO, Management 21, Nashville TN

This book could prevent much unhappiness and suffering, and give people a sense of joy each morning, instead of dread. -- Karen Roberts, M. D.,MPH, Atascadero, CA

This book has helped all levels of employees to find their "fit" and career paths that will develop their strengths.
-- Ornella Pensyl, Defense Intelligence Agency

This book is an extraordinary achievement that inspires, motivates and profoundly impacts one's life - professional and personal. -- W.Gamboa-Guez, EdutoriumA/S

This book represents a breakthrough in understanding intrinsic motivation. Nothing comes close to its ability to define person-job "fit". -- Dr. William Banis, VP Student Affairs, Northwestern University 

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If you are interested in using the concepts presented in this website to maximize individual and organizational effectiveness, you may want to access the following training resources.

JOB-FIT AND YOUR CAREER  One or two-day sessions designed to help employees match and build their capabilities to meet individual goals and organizational needs.

CAREER COACHING AND MENTORING FOR SUPERVISORS/MANAGERS  custom-designed session to build management skills for recognizing, utilizing and developing employee talent

TRAIN-THE-TRAINER WORKSHOPS:  Team training with an experienced trainer plus step-by-step trainer’s guide to prepare you to deliver either or both of the above workshops.

TRAINING TO BE A SIMA® COACH:  Individual and/or group instruction designed to provide you a systematic understanding of motivation; to build your skills for recognizing and developing individual, team and executive potentialPassion

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Marlys Hanson has been a repeated guest on the radio program Circle of Change, discussing with host Dr. Zara Larsen a range of topics related to understanding and leveraging “motivated” abilities.

1-14-2012 Podcast
Managing Our Limitations: What do we mean by limitations, and how do they differ from one’s strengths? This segment captures why it is important to recognize and manage our limitations so they do not turn into detractors or deficiencies.? Marlys suggests a variety of ways to do so, including: teaming with others who are more motivated or gifted than we are to do a given task; learn how to delegate or train someone who is the right match; develop a routine, structure or schedule to self-coach; change or reframe how we think about a task, situation or relationship to allow us to be successful.

2-4-2012 Podcast
A Successful Career Transition Case Study, SIMA Style:? A 25-year veteran of the aerospace/defense industry, Margaret leveraged the SIMA process to successfully transition to a commercial product company.? She accepted an assignment that matches her passion for quality execution through data integrity. ?Margaret was able to clearly portray her value proposition via her resume and cover letters, plus select and advise influential professionals on how to best represent her during reference checks, speaking to “who she really is” vs. merely describing what she has done.

3-3-2012 Podcast

A Successful Job Re-crafting Case Study, SIMA Style: Long Nguyen has been an IT engineer for over ten years plus built an additional income stream via real estate holdings. His company recently invested in a “Coaching for Career Development” workshop for all supervisors, with participants completing the SIMA experience to first enhance their self-awareness, and then focus on their employee coaching skills.? As a result, Long moved to a challenging new project management role consistent with his passion to overcome and prevail, and be unique and outstanding in anything he takes on.

4-21-2012 Podcast

Five-to-Nine Life Changes, SIMA Style:? Companies leverage the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities to offer employees a deeper understanding of themselves and colleagues, leading to stronger relationships to impact business results.? David describes himself as something between a generalist and a “serial specialist,” and would prefer NOT to know what he wants to be when he grows up ? although he has been with his global manufacturing company for 20 years, progressing to Senior VP of Supply Chain Management.? The firm invested in SIMA for over 50 of their leaders, and low and behold the experience has moved David to make profound changes in his “5 to 9 life.”

5-12-2012 Podcast
Lifelong Learning in Libraries:? Special guest Annie Norman, State of Delaware Librarian, discusses lifelong learning with Marlys and Zara ? all purposeful activity undertaken on an ongoing basis to improve our skill, knowledge, and competency.? It is a more holistic view of education, and recognizes learning in and from many different environments.? A significant change movement is underway in the US Library System, including redefining the profession of librarians. SIMA is playing a role. With a more user-centric focus, leaders are shifting to open accessibility of on-line resources and enabling innovation for networking and knowledge transfer, in addition to being stewards of collections and disseminating books, periodicals and reference materials.

7-14-2012 Podcast

The He Does/She Does of Effective Leadership, SIMA Style: ?Top leaders’ most important and strategic decision is to identify and position the talents of those who make the organization work.? It is often easier to understand what a candidate has accomplished than to recognize how he or she accomplished the task.? By far the how is more important in hiring decisions than the what in predicting success.? A recent study conducted by SIMA International of 100 men and 100 women leaders identified an over 85% similarity across over 300 motivated behaviors between genders, a finding contrary to the popular business press that typically focuses on differences and stereotypes. ?Forget the forest ? examine the tree, the individual, for best fit opportunities.




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