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Who Can Benefit?
Early Career

How can I “hit the ground running” in my first job?

How can I sustain competitive performance in today’s
“speeded-up” work environment?

The Problem:  In today’s competitive economy, more “new hires” are finding that their employer does not expect to spend a great deal of time or effort ($$$) bringing new employees “up-to-speed.”  Today’s on-boarding and orientation programs often consist of an e-learning program (that employees are expected to complete on their own time) and/or an assigned “buddy” who is supposed to “show you the ropes.”  Your supervisor is likely to have more “direct” reports, resulting in less access to him/her.  At the same time, most organizations have well-established expectations for performance and active “Performance Improvement Programs” for those who are not “cutting the mustard.”   These factors all add up to something that can feel to new hires a lot like a “sink or swim” environment.

The Cause: The “productivity push” is alive and well in most organizations today.  Research studies use the term “speeded-up” to describe the increased expectations for productivity for  every employee.  The average number of hours worked by employees in a week continues to climb.  Faced with more work themselves, supervisors “delegate” more of their work to their direct reports.  Social media technology makes the connection to the employer a 24/7 reality.

The Solution:  The current push for productivity (and creativity) makes job/career “fit” an essential condition — for both employee and employer!  Remember, Nothing of value has even been achieved except through the efforts of people who were naturally gifted to perform the required tasks and passionate about attaining the desired result.                                                                                 
Consider the historical fact that no Industrial Revolution, no defeat of polio, no wheel, no moon-landing, no stand-up comedian, no 24-value engine, no software, or disease-resistant corn, or new kind of eyeglasses, or movies, or hockey, or double plays or sugary rhubarb pies, or music or medicine, or science, or engineering, or dance, or rap, or snow plows, or single malt scotch--or anything else of value to society was possible except through use of natural strengths.

To hit the ground running — and to be able to sustain competitive performance — you need to be doing work that you have a passion for doing.  If you are in a job that does not fit your talents, it is like pushing a rock uphill.  You can only do that for so long — and you will never tap your real potential if you are not using and developing that talent every way

To meet these challenges, you must know precisely what it is that you are “motivated” to do.  (This means you both enjoy doing the work AND feel you do it well.)  You must also be able to describe to others (e.g. your supervisor) what it is you are “motivated” to do and demonstrate how those talents can be used to address the organization’s needs.



Click on this link and take the “What am I really motivated to do?” quiz —it will help you to recognize how little you really do know about the intricacies of your talents!



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