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Relevancy & Knowledge Points
bulletExpertise in attracting, developing and retaining top talent
bullet Expertise in helping individuals and managers to make more informed HR decisions
bullet Track record in individual assessment and coaching, program design and implementation
Examples of MARLYS HANSON INC. client projects include:

Career Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring: Because the employee’s relationship with his/her manager is so critical to employee engagement, Marlys Hanson Inc. has trained hundreds of managers in SIMA® coaching.  She has also provided employee SIMA®Assessments and “Managing Your Career” workshops for a range of clients including The US Army Corps of Engineers, The Department of Energy,  GlaxosmithKline, The Defense Intelligence Agency,  BP, Medco and The Aerospace Corporation. Most recent project with BP in Houston/London showed 75% implementation of employee development plans when based on “motivated” abilities, compared to 25% implementation in control group.

Strategic Alignment of Human Capital with Mission:  Consulting with top government agencies, Fortune 10 corporations, midsize companies and entrepreneurial teams to help them put talent at the top of their agenda.  Consulting projects have addressed translating strategic business plans into critical skill requirements, identifying nature and best use of “high potential” talent and implementing/evaluating talent management systems.

     bulletDuring 15 year consulting contract, designed and implemented top-down Career Development System for Exxon Research and Engineering and Exxon Computing Services Co, including SIMA® training for managers and SIMA® workshops for all employees in multi-national locations.  Client received ASTD’s National Award for excellence in Career Development.  Exxon follow-up studies showed 75% implementation of employee’s development plan and increased employee retention.

     bulletAs content expert selected in highly-competitive bidding, worked with Wilson Learning  to design DuPont’s Individual Contribution Career Development System.  Project included preparing trainers to deliver program in international facilities.

     bulletProvided consultation and training to Merck & Co. (Australia) to implement career development philosophy and systems focused on strategic planning and talent “fit.”  Client received ASTD’s National Award for Career Development Excellence. Follow-up demonstrated 50% increase in sales/retention of medical sales reps selected by SIMA®.

Branding and Recruitment:  SIMA® Assessment Process utilized to help applicants identify their “motivated” abilities and to assist organizations in matching “motivated” abilities to critical job requirements.  Follow-up studies confirm significant increases in performance, retention, satisfaction, morale and relationships with supervisors when an employee “fits” his/her work role.  The utilization of this “fit” concept served to “brand” clients as organizations with capability to optimize employee talent for mutual benefit.  Satisfied, engaged employees also make powerful recruiters!  Many training programs have been delivered to HR staff and technical recruiters to integrate this concept into recruiting practices. 



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