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Client Comments

Comments from our Clients
For more than 50 years — and for over 100,000 clients (individuals and organizations, domestic and international) the SIMA® Assessment and Planning process has served to “match talent to task.” 

Our purpose is to provide a process for you to discover the parameters of the life you were meant to live—and then to use that knowledge in making more accurate and informed decisions about your work and your life.

Listed below are some comments from individual clients, managers and career management consultants, that describe how the SIMA® process helped them.

Comments from Individual Clients:

In my 35 years as an engineer and manager with aerospace and high tech organization, I have had many job assignments offered to me.  Some have worked very well while others have been disaster.  Until I was introduced to the SIMA® assessment, I did not have the insight I needed to help me evaluate my career choices.  I now have a clearer understanding of myself so I can make accurate and informed decisions about my job/career directions.  I truly had not recognized the power that lies in having a passion for one’s work until I completed the SIMA® process.

                                             W. M. Robson, P.E. Program Manager
                                             Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories


For the first time in my life, I am gaining genuine clarity on the aspects of work that I find fulfilling, as well as those than can cause significant personal frustration and stress.  Having taken a large number of assessment in my life, I can say that I have greater confidence in SIMA® because that information you get from it is not a generic description — it is you! 

                                             J. Wheeler, Learning Analyst
                                             The Williams Companies, Tulsa OK


I don’t know if you remember me.  We met in London when you held a career-planning seminar for my organization.  I was at the time 25 years old.  I had been working for that company about three years.  I was very unhappy in my job and was contemplating graduate work as an honorable way out.  I have kept your address and at this point, I have some good news to share.  I want to thank you for your insight and the catalytic role you played in helping me to begin to develop a career path that is a “fit for me."   No more pretending to be something I am not!

                                             W. Strand, Engineer, Fortune 10 Company, London


The SIMA® process was the perfect solution to my job dissatisfaction.  Through the process I discovered my natural motivations, why certain jobs were naturally poor fits, and how to find a position that maximizes my natural abilities.

                                             R. Chancellor, Process Development Engineer
                                             Durel Corporation, Chandler AZ


Never again will I trade job security for the opportunity to reach my potential!

                                             P. Hugo, Trial Consultant
                                             Litigation Communications, Inc. Washington, D. C.


What helped me the most about my SIMA® assessment is the ability to put my finger on something that had been elusive to me for a lot of my life--where I fit in the working world!`

                                             S. Sutherland, Salesperson,
                                             Export Sales, Naperville, IL


In the competitive corporate world, it is essential in managing your career to have a correct and accurate understanding of your individual “giftedness” and how best to leverage your abilities.  SIMA® did that for me!

                                             J. Morgan,
                                             Accountant, Fortune 10, Washington DC


Comments from Managers:

SIMA® is an enormously powerful tool that has become a cornerstone of our personnel development process.  Through the use of SIMA®, we not only fill positions based on “skill match” but perhaps more importantly, on the “motivation” match.  It’s a win/win for both employees and the company.  Employees gain insight into where their passions lie and are assigned to areas where their energies can be tapped, and the company gets big productivity gain from their truly motivated employees.
                                             Phil Rogers, Manager
                                             Fortune 10 Petrochemical Company
                                             Houston, TX


I have used the SIMA® for he last six years within my agency.  It has helped all levels of employees to find how they “fit” into the organization and what career paths to take to further develop that individual strengths.  SIMA® is a great tool for retaining hew hires, retraining people and keeping retirees as part-time consultants.

                                             O. Pensyl, Career Development Officer
                                              Defense Intelligence Agency


After going through the SIMA® process, I began to actively select roles that complimented my natural motivated abilities and to better understand why I struggled with activities that did not engage me.  This knowledge gave me a whole new outlook and influenced al future dealings with others.  I insisted that my whole team participate in the SIMA® process.  We worked together to restructure the team responsibilities based on motivational abilities. 

                                             J. Brooks, Project Manager
                                             Fortune 10 Company

Comments from Career/Management Consultants:

I believe that SIMA® represents a breakthrough in our understanding of intrinsic motivation.  This methodology has proven to be a reliable, valid and powerful tool to help individuals manage their career in specific work settings and to enable managers to harness the talents of their staff members with more precision.  Nothing else comes close to SIMA®’s ability to define “person-job fit” in behavioral terms.
                                             W.J. Banis, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Affairs
                                             Northwestern University, Evanston IL


The SIMA® assessment process really made sense to me.  I’ve taken a lot of assessments over the years.  SIMA® gave me the extra insight that others had not.  Complexity and change are motivators to me.  SIMA® finally put a name on what was going on for me.
                                              Julie O’Mara, Past National President
                                              American Society for Training and Development


In my many years of working as a career counselor and outplacement consultant, I have found SIMA® the most effective instrument for helping people find work they are successful at and enjoy doing.
                                             Anton Philips, President, Emergo Consulting, Amsterdam,                                              Netherlands


For those who are serious about understanding the motivational dynamics of each individual, SIMA® will be prove to be a invaluable tool.  In my consulting practice, after more than ten years of searching for definitive answers on how people are wired, SIMA® has been to me an answer to a heart-cry!

                                             John Samuel, Director, SIMA® Asia PTC Ltd., Singapore




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