Nearly two-thirds of adult employees in the US report that they would like to change jobs in the next year…and almost one-third will actually do so!  While layoffs, salary issues and geographic relocations can prompt these moves, interviews with the job-changers reveal an on-going search for work that is more meaningful and more suited to their talents and passions.


Take this Job-Fit Questionnaire to determine your Job-Fit!


1)    Do others tell you that you are “made for your job” or “gifted” at your work?

                FREQUENTLY           SOMETIMES              RARELY


2)    Do you feel fulfilled by the work you perform?

                FREQUENTLY            SOMETIMES            RARELY


3)    Have you excelled in some way in your work? (Recognition for performance, service, etc.)

                 FREQUENTLY            SOMETIMES     RARELY  


4)    During off-work hours, do you think about how you could improve your performance?

                 FREQUENTLY            SOMETIMES              RARELY


5)    Do you voluntarily use your own time to learn more about your work?

                  FREQUENTLY            SOMETIMES             RARELY


6)    Does doing your work make you feel like a better person?

     FREQUENTLY             SOMETIMES            RARELY


7)    Does your work require you to use the abilities/skills that you feel you do best?  

                  FREQUENTLY              SOMETIMES              RARELY


8)   Do feel stressed out or burned out by your work?

                    FREQUENTLY               SOMETIMES               RARELY

9)   Do you find it difficult to sustain high-quality performance in your work?

                  FREQUENTLY                SOMETIMES                RARELY


10)  Does your work require you to do tasks that you do not enjoy doing?

                 FREQUENTLY                 SOMETIMES                RARELY


11)  Does your self-esteem suffer when you cannot meet work-related expectations (your own as well as expectations of others?)

                  FREQUENTLY               SOMETIMES                RARELY


12)  Does the thought of going to work make you feel sluggish or depressed?

                   FREQUENTLY              SOMETIMES                RARELY


13) Do you find that you need to have time away from your work?

                  FREQUENTLY                 SOMETIMES               RARELY


14) Does your work require you to do tasks that you do not do well?

                  FREQUENTLY         SOMETIMES                      RARELY


If you responded with an honest “frequently” to the first 7, you are probably on the right track.  However, if you responded “frequently” to the last 7 questions, there could be room for significant improvement of your “fit.” You may not be doing work that is truly “motivating” for you

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